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Green Upholstery Cleaning

Do you or your family snack and spill drinks on the good living room furniture? We can get your furniture back in shape again anyway. We're very thorough and get great results, even with some of the grubbiest furniture you can imagine. Our upholstery cleaning soaps leave no fumes or residues. Our leather furniture cleaner has a wonderful natural smell and moisturizes with natural oils.

We do upholstery cleaning using traditional warm or cool water extraction with non-toxic soaps. The process includes vacuuming, duct tape removal of pet hair (if necessary), pretreating for spots, and then detergent/water extraction. Cloth fabric protectors are available at your request. We have great a water-based (no petroleum or VOCs) protectant. In terms of being "green" this protectant is a huge improvement over the famous name "guard" protectant.

There's no magic that can get the stains out of every sofa, but the chances are that if our furniture cleaning method doesn't get a particular stain out, the solvent methods will NOT do any better. Some fabrics, especially loosely woven fabrics and synthetic fabrics, give up their dirt right away. Older furniture, light colored cotton, and/or tighter fabric that has gone years without cleaning may have stains that are not removable. Before we start the full cleaning, we may do small test patches to preview how the furniture will come out. In any case, Green Homes Carpet Cleaning will spend a long time working on your furniture. Just one standard sofa plus cushions and pillows can take over two hours to clean. Larger pieces take more time, and smaller pieces take less time.

Because dry cleaning solvents are toxic and volatile, we are sorry that we cannot clean your silk, satin, high-end velvet, or suede furniture. If you have the original tags on your furniture, check to see if it can be cleaned with water "W" or instead requires dry cleaning with solvent "S". This solvent is typically percholorethylene, which is known to cause kidney damage. Sometimes we will clean 'S' labeled furniture with water and get great results.

People have asked us how often they should clean their furniture. Unlike carpets and rugs which almost always need regular cleaning, if you have no kids or pets, you may not need to clean your furniture. The rule is simple: If the furniture looks dirty or dingy or smells dirty, or if you get dirty by sitting on it - have us clean it! If it looks and smells great, save your money.

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