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Residential rates are below. Call for a custom commercial quote. All floor rates are by the square foot, except wall-to-wall carpet, which is priced by the room. See bottom of page for certain restrictions and fees. Cash and personal checks are accepted. Residential customers are expected to pay on the date of service.

There is a minimum job size of $50 for visits in our home base of Franklin, MA. If you are a distance from Franklin, the minimum is greater. Call to find the minimum job size for your town.

2017 Residential Low Rates:
Bedroom $39.00
Closet (up to 30 sq ft) $0.00
Master Bedroom (up to 300 sq ft) $65
Walk-In Closet (up to 50 sq ft) $15
Straight Hallway $19
Long, Jointed or Double Hallway $25
Living/Family Room/Basement
(up to 300 sq ft, includes furniture moving)
Stairs (wall-wall) $3.50 per step
Stair Runners $3.00 per step
Foyer $15
Dining Room/Kitchen $39
Free with Rug Cleaning $50 for spot only
Throw/Persian/Oriental/Wool Rugs 80 cents per sq ft
Plain Area Rugs
(one color, synthetic only,
no special weaves)
50 cents per sq ft
All small Area Rugs 35 sq ft and Less $1.00 per sq ft
Sectionals priced as individual
separate pieces
see below**
Sofa $79.00
Love Seat $65.00
Arm Chair $44.00
Jumbo Arm Chair $50.00
Chaise $50.00
Ottoman $18.00
Dining Chair
(seat pad)
Fancy Dining Chair (more than 1 surface) call for quote
Hall/ Foyer/ Odd Space $20.00
Small Rm/ Den/ Bedroom/ Stairs $25.00
Large Room / Master Bedroom/ Living Room $40.00
Great Room $50.00
Floors Only 50 cents / sq foot
Reseal Grout 25 cents / sq foot

New Home Buyers: If you don't have any furniture on the rugs yet, we want your business and will offer you a discount. Take 10% off your job. Minimum job size for offer must be at least $125.

All carpet rates are for the Green Homes standard process which includes vacuuming and deodorizing.

Any wall-to-wall carpet rooms exceeding the square footage stated above will be charged at 25 cents per square foot for the overage. We occassionally give high-volume discounts at our discretion.

For green carpet or furniture protectant (stain repellant), mulitply the item price by 1.3   (i.e.30% fee)  .

For Large rooms ($69) furniture moving is always included. For regular bedrooms and small rooms, you can have us move the furniture by paying the normal rate for small rooms ($45), or pay $30 if we don't move anything. We cannot move some items like exceptionally large dressers, entertainment centers, or beds with center supports. We will not disconnect or reconnect electronic equipment.

We may add an additional fee for excessively and extensively soiled carpet or an above average number of stains upon inspection of the carpet or rug. This is rare.

Difficult problems such as paint, wax, tar, adhesive, combustion soot, forced-hot-air filtration lines, etc. will be assessed an additional fee. Specific work requested on filtration lines (dark lines around the edges of your wall-to-wall carpet) will be charged an additional $10-$20 per room depending on severity, and add significantly to the length of your job. Please let us know of any problems in advance so we may give you an accurate price quote. We must charge extra for detailed work on filtration lines.

**Sectional sofas are now priced by the individual separate piece. In other words, if your dissassembled sectional consists of a 3-seater sofa, a love seat, and a chaise, the price will be $79 for the sofa, $65 for the loveseat and $50 for the chaise, totalling $194. If your dissassembled sofa consists of 5 chairs, you will pay 5x$44 or $220 etc. We may give discounts for compact sectionals at our own discretion upon inspection.

Cash and personal checks are accepted. Residential customers are expected to pay on the date of service.