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Bedroom $45.00
Closet (up to 30 sq ft) $0.00
Master Bedroom (up to 300 sq ft) $72
Walk-In Closet (up to 50 sq ft) $15
Straight Hallway $19
Jointed Hallway $25
Large Living/Family Room/
Basement (up to 300 sq ft)
Basement (1 room - up to 300 sq ft) $72
Stairs (wall-wall) $3.50 per step
Stair Runners $3.00 per step
Foyer $19
Dining Room/Kitchen $45
Free with Rug Cleaning $50 for spot only
Throw/Persian/Oriental/Wool Rugs 80 cents per sq ft
Plain Area Rugs
(one color, synthetic only,
no special weaves)
50 cents per sq ft
All small Area Rugs 35 sq ft and Less $1.00 per sq ft
Sectionals priced as individual
separate pieces
see below**
Sofa $79.00
Love Seat $65.00
Arm Chair $44.00
Jumbo Arm Chair $50.00
Ottoman $25.00
Dining Chair $10.00
Multi-cushion Dining Chair call for quote
Ceramic Floor Tile
85 Cents per sq foot
New Home Buyers Special: If you have no furniture on the rugs, we want your business and will offer you a discount. Take 10% off the total job. Job must be a minimum of $125 before discount.

We offer residential volume discounts at our discretion.

**Sectional sofas are priced by the individual separate piece. If your dissassembled sectional consists of a 3-seater sofa, a love seat, and a chair, the price will be $79 for the sofa, $65 for the loveseat and $44 for the chair.