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Safe Carpet Cleaning

  • no harmful chemicals
  • no fumes
  • agitation of fibers removes more dirt
  • low moisture minimizes mold and dust mites
  • encapsulation leaves no sticky residues
  • we always deodorize and don't charge extra

To clean your carpets, we thoroughly vacuum them and hand-scrub any stains. For the main cleaning step, we spray a light coat of non-toxic, biodegradable detergent/deodorizer on the rug by hand. For expensive wools and Persians, we have a special low pH cleaner. See our page about toxins in the carpet cleaning business. Our machine then vibrates a wet cotton terry cloth deeply into the carpet fibers. In the industry, this is known as "bonnet cleaning" and also "low moisture carpet cleaning". Many "steam" (hot water) cleaning companies are switching back to this tried and true method, which has been recently refined and modernized. The cloths are 100% cotton pads similar to plush, densely-looped bath towels. This gently scrubs the carpet fibers and also rinses away the soap and dirt. All sides of the carpet fibers are cleaned, way down the fiber shaft, as the agitiation turns the fiber on all sides. We pull pet hair and dust out of the deep recesses in your carpet where vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners can't touch it.

In most cases, the detergent we use contains an encapsulation reagent. This is a simple, inert and harmless compound that will crystallize and surround any remaining soap, or dirt residue as the cleaning/rinse solution dries on the rug. This crystal is completely non-sticky, dry, and brittle. You won't see it, and it's easily removed by a normal vacuum cleaner. In this way, we prevent any residue left behind from the process from remaining on the rug. Encapsulation is a highly effective boost to the rinsing process. Your rugs will not have sticky soap on them to attract more dirt. This prevents the well known phenomenon whereby a carpet "gets dirty faster after it's been cleaned".

The whole process takes about one hour for a single large living room. A large house can take up to five or six hours to clean in this manner. Yes, it takes a while. Green Homes Carpet Cleaning will NOT be in and out of your house in a flash. We work very hard to clean your rugs. You have to allow us enough time to do a thorough, painstaking job. This effort is reflected in the quality of the job you'll get.

Steam Cleaning:

Green Homes Carpet Cleaning does not use steam cleaning. This method is slowly being replaced by better, more effective, and drier methods. Large carpet manufacturers have recommended steam cleaning over other methods, but this is starting to change as some carpet mills are beginning to see the advantages of newer and dryer cleaning systems. Steam cleaning is traditionally associated with toxic chemicals (although some are starting to take the toxins out). Rugs cleaned in this manner can take from 9 hours to several days to dry. This risks having your carpet dry in bumps and waves, and it can encourage mold growth.

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